*maybe LOUD SOUND, turn the speakers down*

Welcome to my home of the elderly, my name is Mr. Sonowball and I am the owner. We have a famous resident living among us - Dr. Pi, who used to be a supervillain of math. Sometimes he is trying to escape from here. Probably he still thinks that he can conquer the world. In our facility, well-being and satisfaction are not important ... aahm ... top priority. We make sure that all our inhabitants are always calm an sedated ... aahm ... i mean happy ... aahm ... to avoid danger. 

You are Dr. Pi, a former supervillian of math, and try to ... aahm ... save the world by escaping the retirement home and ridding the world o humans of inferior intellect. By solving mathematical problems, you can activatee either a heal or a damage function.


Dr. PI 21 MB

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